The best way to predict the future is to create it

To support local and global innovative robotics and AI companies in creating better technologies for the future of humanity.


Cross-industrial international investment fund focused on existing and start-up companies working in the robotics technology ecosystem.
Key principles
An active investor with good reputation and an established network of business contacts, focused on technologies and companies that shape the future of robotics and AI.
Professionals in robotics, investment, technologies, markewting and strategy, with a proven track record in hi-tech industry.
Investing in hi-tech projects in Russia, USA, Europe and China in partnership with international funds and private investors.
Investing on different project stages – from start-up stage (seed) and Stage A/B to complex M&A and buy-outs.
Investment Focus
Anthropomorphic and Commercial robotics
Industrial IoT
Drones and Unmanned technologies
Business Intelligence and Big Data
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Information Security and Transactional Technologies
Wearable technologies
Exoskeletons and exosuits
Virtual reality & Augmented reality
Medical and Life longevity Innovations
Our investments are focused on start-ups and existing companies in all niches of robotics ecosystem.
Portfolio Companies Criteria
– Working in fast-growing niches of robotics ecosystem
– Competitive advantage of the product or technology on global market
– Total adressable market (TAM) size estimated over 1 Bln USD with high growth rate for at least 5 years
– Strong project team of managers and experts to execute the strategy
– High market cap growth potential with attractive multiplicators
Development of Portfolio companies
– Creation of development & product strategy
– Selection of optimal legal & tax structure
– Support in development of sales, distribution channels, marketing, PR & GR
– Implementation of transparent financial reporting & corporate governance procedures
– Help in growing the team & opening of the new offices
– Implementation of long-term team motivation scheme
– Support in attraction of additional financing
– Execution of M&A deals during the investment cycle
The Team
An end-to-end expertise in the local and global markets
Identification, investment and development of the perspective technological companies in the area of robotics and AI.
Proven experience track
Execution of "turn-key" investment projects and professionall support in development of portfolio companies to increase their market capitalization for the benefit of the investors.
The business network
Fast access to the leading world and Russian experts in the field of finance and technologies to improve the quality of project selection (project funnel) and protection of investor's interests.
Monitoring of key technological niches and markets
Better quality of investment decisions and an opportunity to offer investors and the market a high quality analytics and technological forecasts for the focus markets.

Moscow: +7 495 669-93-20
New York: +1 646 666-999-4